No.32 [2007/1/31] VPN access to one of KEK network-clusters CN-i32
No.31 [2006/11/30] Notice of Lecture on KEKCC Storage System
No.30 [2006/6/22] Notice of "LECTURE: DATABASE" (A series of five lectures)
No.29 [2004/10/19] On application for Mathematica Home Use License
No.28 [2004/3/12] Mathematica Home Use License available
No.27 [2003/7/4] A support system for the conference registration started
No.26 [2003/6/18] LAN service for conferences in KEK started (EX Cluster)
No.25 [2003/2/6] Wireless LAN service for KEK staff started
No.24 [2001/8/10] AppleTalk service will be disrupted
No.23 [2001/2/27] Connection with KEK network via VPN
No.22 [2000/12/6] Unavailability of KEK LAN due to installation of GbE equipments
No.21 [2000/2/4] Operation of the new supercomputer system

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