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Computer Security

Computer Security
Please follow these instructions in order to keep our computing network environment in secure condition. If you have any questions or troubles, DONOT hesitate to contact the operation staffs ( as well as japanese colleagues.

Security issue is now to be shared with all people involved in computer and network. In that sense, users' continuing efforts to keep their own computing resources secure are very important contributions, as well as our efforts are. We very kindly wish to thank you for your continuing efforts.

Information Security Office / KEK CSIRT
Provides information regarding information security at KEK, such as our policy, guidelines, or information security alerts such as virus or false program use.

For Everyone:
Make sure that up-to-date anti-virus software with live updates and applicable security patches are installed on your computer. If your PCs are in trouble with some infection, network access will be blocked for computers found infected or vulnerable to prevent virus propagation.

For Windows Users:
Windows systems must be patched for ALL critical security alerts. You can check for Windows Updates here.

Incident Report
If you have any computer security questions or believe you have been the subject of a security incident, please contact our operation staffs ( and/or japanese colleagues immediately.
- KEKSIRT (KEK Security Incident Report)

Licensed Software for Computer Security
We provide licensed software for anti-virus and personal firewall. Please refer to this page for further information.

KEK Computer Security
These documents give information about computer security of KEK. Some information is obsolete, but still useful.

As our new strategy for security issue, we set "KEK Information Security Policy" (in Japanese) , which all users of KEK computing facilities are subject to. The use of KEK's computing resources, such as computers, network and related service are governed by this policy. This document describes, in somewhat legalistic language, the rules and conditions which apply to the use of KEK's computing resources. And also, subsidiary "rules of use" based on this policy is now under documentation.

KEK Computing Research Center
(Last Modified: 10/01/2021 )